How Does Our Carpet Cleaning Work?


When cleaning carpet in Ocala, Lady Lake, or The Villages, Florida we strictly follow the IICRC's guidelines. The IICRC is the internationally recognized authority on carpet cleaning. Using a non IICRC certified firm may void your carpet warranty.

1. Vacuuming

The first thing any certified carpet cleaner must do is vacuum. Dry soil accounts for 80% of the dirt brought into homes. Once we spray the carpet dry dirt gets wet and can be nearly impossible to remove. Think of wet sand on the beach.

If we skip vacuuming we could be leaving all that dirt behind!

2. Pre-spray

The next step in our carpet cleaning process involves spraying the carpet with a cleaning detergent. Our carpet cleaning detergent is fairly similar to powder Tide(TM) and is thus safe for you and pets! This step dissolves any dirt in the carpet and makes extracting it much easier.

3. Extraction

We are trained to use multiple carpet cleaning methods. Because of this and customer demand we offer our customers more options than most other carpet cleaners; steam carpet cleaning which dries in 4 to 8 hours and our deep scrub carpet cleaning which dries in just one hour.

4. Grooming

Next comes grooming with a carpet rake. This separates fibers so they dry faster, makes the carpet look more even, and reveals any spots that may require a second treatment.

If Scotchgard was applied raking distributes it more evenly across the carpet. Like any step, raking should not be skipped by any Ocala carpet cleaners.

5. Drying

Certified carpet cleaners are taught to make the carpet dry ASAP. The longer the carpet is wet the longer it has to attract dirt and disrupt your life.

Many people expect the carpet to dry in 24 to 48 hours. We however are crushed if it takes more than 8 hours to dry. Sometimes our steam carpet cleanings dry in as little as 4 hours! 

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